Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

Thank you for this! I am devouring your blog! I (like everyone else) saw Sea Salt on Pinterest and fell in love. My ceiling is tongue and groove boards painted white with big beam so I thought Sea Salt was meant for me and my beachy home. I grabbed a sample and put in on the wall in my living space, bathroom and bedroom. I was SHOCKED at the difference between the 3 spaces. It looks completely gray in the living space with a hint of the blue and just dreary in general. The bathroom has the minty tone, which looks ok. But the bedroom is the perfect space for this color! The perfect Pinterest Sea Salt green/gray/blue. I never would have expected it! Thank you for your wonderful explanation. I’m so glad I did paint samples before making the call!
sea salt paint bathroom 1

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

Hi Donna, I have a southwest adobe house and my bathroom is woollied all kinds of colors so I would like to paint it something completely different and I ran across sea salt. All the trim (wood around window, door and closet louvered door) is painted Dunn Edwards Myth 663 which is a true purple, not grayed. I’m hoping to avoid repainting trim because it’s a pain and I don’t think stark white and sea salt looks very southwest. Anyway, I would love your opinion of sea salt and purple and also what is new with color in southwest decor? Thank you very much!!
sea salt paint bathroom 2

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

Sea Salt is a mix of water and salt.  Hehe, just joking.  Sea Salt is a mix of green and gray.  Now this is very similar to A LOT of today’s popular paint colours, but it’s all in the proportions when it comes to which colour is going to POP and which is going to recede.
sea salt paint bathroom 3

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

Sea Salt is typically thought of one of those “coastal colors” that is so very popular now. The name even depicts it, “Sea” Salt, and as it should since it’s pretty darn close to that super amazing soft green that you see skimming the top of the ocean when the light hits it just right. This is the color that we all want in our home because it reminds of us that little piece of amazingness when we were on the beach. It’s a good memory and it makes us happy so let’s capture that feeling in our home with color.
sea salt paint bathroom 4

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

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sea salt paint bathroom 5

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

If you want to check out Sea Salt in action, watch my video, where I’m demoing the Home Right EZ Twist paint stick. Maybe you can get a hint of what the paint looks like.
sea salt paint bathroom 6

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

But first….I have to admit that I’m a wee bit embarrassed to show you what my bathroom looked like…..A HOT MESS, you guys. Seriously. But I knew that Sea Salt would look amazing in this room. It has a calming effect, and looks good with shades of gray and white. Here’s what my master bathroom looked like before. In this room, it actually does look greenish:
sea salt paint bathroom 7

Sea Salt Paint Bathroom

The ice-blue and terra-cotta master suite is an elegant collection of plush pillows, silk textiles and vintage accents. Janes replaced a ceiling fan with an antique chandelier over the bed. Paint: Sea Salt, Sherwin-Williams.
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I really enjoy your blog, and I found this article very interesting. I love Sea Salt in theory, but I do not like it in reality. I wa sure that I was going to use it in my master bath. I painted it on cardboard and set it in the room. It looked fine. However, when I put it on the wall, it lloked like toothpaste. It looked awful. I was really frustrated. The bathroom is east facing and I live in Texas, so there is a lot of natural light. I still get mad when I see pictures where it looks beautiful! After reading your post, I think that maybe it has too much gray to work where I want it.
sea salt paint bathroom 9

But I guarantee that’s not going to happen this time. Because, hands down, Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and Sea Salt are two of the prettiest, softest colors that never fail to disappoint.
sea salt paint bathroom 10

What I love about Sea Salt (SW 6204), by Sherwin-Williams, is that it is a chameleon of a color. It’s blue, gray, and green, all at the same time. This means, it presents itself differently, depending on the room lighting and surroundings. Here are some examples.
sea salt paint bathroom 11

Sea Salt can also be found in other elements of nature as shown in the photograph I have above. The picture is actually not very pleasant. If I told you what it was you’d be grossed out so I’ll just leave it up to your imagination, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? I added some bling to make it just a little more beautiful and to add interest – I don’t know – just trying to get creative I guess.
sea salt paint bathroom 12

Client: “Oh I don’t know, maybe Sea Salt. My friend has it in her home and it looks really pretty.” (client is a young, single woman)
sea salt paint bathroom 13

For example, I have Sea Salt paired up with Exclusive Plum, the color of the year by Sherwin-Williams. Now how about that? Pretty cool right and not very coastal. THIS, my friends, is how you can make some old new again, plus it looks amazing if you ask me.
sea salt paint bathroom 14

I have Sea Salt on the family room walls and have purchased a very light colored textured gray sofa and 2 recliners, one is a dark charcoal leather gray and the other is a medium gray colored Flexsteel power recliner. Room is 19′ x 13′ with a centered wood burning fireplace. What color carpeting would be best and what accent color would really work well? HELP, I need to order carpet ASAP. Thank you.
sea salt paint bathroom 15

I enjoyed your article on Sea Salt. It is one of the 4 colors I am trying to decide on. The other 3 are Comfort Grey, Rainwashed, and Contented. What are your other suggestions for color and what are good colors to use in an adjacent room. All the rooms,living room,kitchen and dining rooms are connected.
sea salt paint bathroom 16

Love it Jae!!! Go for a darker, earthy green. It’s shades darker than Sea Salt and is the perfect complement next to spicy orange. I have it in my house and have to say, it looks pretty darn good! Know what else I like about it? It’s not the typical blue and gray that you see in everyone else’s home. Go for it!!!!
sea salt paint bathroom 17

I just painted a guest room Sea Salt and would love to use Exclusive Plum as an accent. How would you pull it together; eg, bedding draperies, etc. The trim and shades are white.
sea salt paint bathroom 18

We are renovating the master bath, and we chose Sea Salt for the walls. Our floor will be grayish wood plank look tile, with the shower floor in a dark black and graphite pebble mix, and classic white subway tiles for the walks, but with medium gray grout. I’m struggling to find towels that I like. Any ideas for accent colors? I really DO love coastal design, so I’m m okay with classic coastal decor. Our vanities are bright white, so trim will be bright white, too…
sea salt paint bathroom 19

I have been looking at sea salt by SW and Gray Cashmere by BM. However, I think the lighting within the one room is throwing it off. All of the colors read bluer in our dining area than they do in the work area of the kitchen. I love the look of the colors in the work area-but then they are blue in the other room. Can you think of a similar color that is a little greener, so maybe the blue won’t show so much? Also, I have a grey-green island. (I guess, the color is so hard to nail down….) Everyone keeps saying to stay away from blue with that color. Is that true?
sea salt paint bathroom 20

Donna, The idea of orange intrigues me, as I am painting my kitchen sea salt and I love painting my ceilings a different color. You mentioned Spicy Orange is this the name of a SW color? My floor is terra cotta so the orange would be lovely. let me know when you have a chance and so happy to see this thread.
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I just couldn’t get Sea Salt to completely lose the green, no matter how much those shadows wanted to interfere.  No matter what exposure/room I was in, if it leaned a bit to the gray side with a cool blue cast, the green was always winking at me behind the scenes (don’t tell it’s wife).
sea salt paint bathroom 22

Be careful when you’re choosing colors for West facing rooms. The warm tones of the sunset will really change up your colors but that can’t be helped. Colors change throughout the day. Also, Silvermist and Sea Salt look very similar. Plus with your lighting, they may even look like the same color in your rooms. I’d try using colors that are a little more saturated. I refer to these two colors as “chameleon colors” because they change so much. One day they’ll look blue, then gray, then green and it’s just really confusing to figure out what the real color is. I’d stick to a cleaner, brighter color for you rooms. I hope that helps oh and test these colors out to be sure.